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Thrive Classes


Our Hybrid session. The perfect blend of strength, conditioning and mobility elements.  Utilising targeted functional  strength exercises to get you moving better and feeling bulletproof. Every session will also have a metabolic conditioning element


Need an even more hands on approach. Whilst our class environment always treats you as an individual, 1-1 personal training is perfect if you are getting back into training after a while, have a specific injury or goal in mind, or you simply prefer the solo approach. One of our specialist trainers will work with you to design a workout programme specific to your requirements. With a wealth of experience training a variety of clientele, you’re sure to be in good hands. 

Suffering from

an injury?

Our team is highly experienced in dealing with your injury concerns. Led by Owner and rehab specialist Ross, we carefully monitor each members history of aches and pains. An expert in the field of exercise and injury rehabilitation, Ross’ own career has been built on helping people back to exercise. Having worked closely with Osteopaths and Physiotherapists, he has built a hybrid approach to managing problematic injuries based around improving strength and movement to allow you to continue to train and maximise your potential. 

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